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Our MSc student Lukas received a MSc Fellowship from the House of Young Talents. Congratulations

The Laboratoy of Nano-Optics becomes a member of , the Center for Micro- and Nanochemistry and Engineering of the University of Siegen

Kick-off ERA-NET project on fiber-based planar antennas for biosensing and diagnostic. See related call.

Our new PhD student Haritha received a PhD Fellowship from the House of Young Talents. Congratulations! 

High-quality plasmonic nanocones having tips with single-digit radius of curvature can be reproducibly fabricated. See related article.

A flat optical nanoantenna capable of beaming light emitted by a single molecule has been studied theoretically and experimentally. See related article.

Our work on ultrabright single-photon source on diamond with electrical pumping at room and high temperatures published in New Journal of Physics

Diamond-based light sources will lay a foundation for quantum communications of the future, MIPT Press Release (05.08.16)


Laboratory of Nano-Optics

Das Laboratorium für Nano-Optik umfasst experimentelle wie auch theoretische Forschungsaktivitäten innerhalb der Gebiete der Quanten-Nano-Optik, Nano Spektroskopie und der Nano Sensorik in enger Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen, nationalen und internationalen Forschungsgruppen.


Wir untersuchen Licht jenseits der Diffraktionsgrenze und die Wechselwirkung mit Materie im Nanobereich. Wir sind besonders daran interessiert einzelne Quantensysteme zu untersuchen und Quantenphänomene zu erforschen, die im Sub-Wellenlängenbereich auftreten. Während wir fundamentalen Fragen in Bezug auf Licht, Materie und deren Interaktion nachgehen, könnten unsere Erkenntnisse zu der Entwicklung von Gerätschaften wie etwa neuartige Lichtquellen, Sensoren und funktionalen Materialien führen.


The Laboratory of Nano-Optics encompasses experimental and theoretical research activities in Quantum Nano-Optics, Nano Spectroscopy and Nano Sensing, in tight cooperation with local, national and international research groups.

We investigate the properties of light beyond the diffraction limit and study its interaction with nanoscale matter. We are particularly interested in interrogating single quantum systems and in exploring quantum phenomena that occur at the subwavelength scale. Whilst addressing fundamental questions related to light, matter and their interaction our efforts may also make their way into practical devices, such as a new class of light-sources, sensors and functional materials.