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Post-Doc position in Nano-Sensing. Application deadline March 8. Please find more details in the call.

Our new PhD student Haritha received a PhD Fellowship from the House of Young Talents. Congratulations! 

High-quality plasmonic nanocones having tips with single-digit radius of curvature can be reproducibly fabricated. See related article. 

A flat optical nanoantenna capable of beaming light emitted by a single molecule has been studied theoretically and experimentally. See related article.

Our work on ultrabright single-photon source on diamond with electrical pumping at room and high temperatures published in New Journal of Physics

Diamond-based light sources will lay a foundation for quantum communications of the future, MIPT Press Release (05.08.16)

Our work on planar directional antennas has been recently presented at CLEO:QELS 2016

Journal Publications


Optical properties of silicon-vacancy color centers in diamond created by ion implantation and post-annealing
S. Lagomarsino, A.M. Flatae, S. Sciortino, F. Gorelli, M. Santoro, F. Tantussi, F. De Angelis, N. Gelli, F. Taccetti, L. Giuntini, M. Agio
Diam. Relat. Mater. 84, 196 (2018)

The center for production of single-photon emitters at the electrostatic-deflector line of the Tandem accelerator of LABEC (Florence)
S. Lagomarsino, S. Sciortino, N. Gelli, A.M. Flatae, F. Gorelli, M. Santoro, M. Chiari, C. Czelusniac, M. Massi, F. Taccetti, M. Agio, L. Giuntini
Nucl. Instr. Meth. Phys. Res. B 422, 31 (2018)


Plasmonic gold nanocones in the near-infrared for quantum nano-optics
A.M. Flatae, F. Tantussi, G.C. Messina, A. Mohammadi, F. De Angelis, M. Agio
Adv. Optical Mater. 5, 1700586 (2017)

Dynamics of single-photon emission from electrically pumped color centers 
I.A. Khramtsov, M. Agio, D. Yu Fedyanin 
Phys. Rev. Appl. 8, 024031 (2017) 

Highly efficient light extraction and directional emission from large refractive-index media with a planar Yagi-Uda antenna
H.Galal, M. Agio
Opt. Mater. Express 7,1634 (2017)

Beaming light from a quantum emitter with a planar optical antenna
S. Checcucci, P. Lombardi, S. Rizvi, F. Sgrignuoli, N. Gruhler, F.B.C. Dieleman, F.S. Cataliotti, W.H.P. Pernice, M. Agio, C. Toninelli

Light: Science & Applications 6, e16245 (2017)


Ultrabright single-photon source on diamond with electrical pumping at room and high temperatures
D. Yu Fedyanin, M. Agio
New J. Phys. 18, 073012 (2016)

The squeezing spectrum of a quantum emitter coupled to an optical nanostructure
D. Martin-Cano, H.R. Haakh, K. Murr, M. Agio
J. Opt. 18, 024010 (2016) | Special Issue: Quantum Plasmonics


Robust luminescence of the silicon-vacancy center in diamond at high temperatures
S. Lagomarsino, F. Gorelli, M. Santoro, N. Fabbri, A. Hajeb, S. Sciortino, L. Palla, C. Czelusniak, M. Massi, F. Taccetti, L. Giuntini, N. Gelli, D. Yu Fedyanin, F.S. Cataliotti, C. Toninelli, M. Agio
AIP Advances 5, 127117 (2015)