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Katalog plus

The Laboratoy of Nano-Optics becomes a member of , the Center for Micro- and Nanochemistry and Engineering of the University of Siegen

Kick-off ERA-NET project on fiber-based planar antennas for biosensing and diagnostic. See related call.

Our new PhD student Haritha received a PhD Fellowship from the House of Young Talents. Congratulations! 

High-quality plasmonic nanocones having tips with single-digit radius of curvature can be reproducibly fabricated. See related article.

A flat optical nanoantenna capable of beaming light emitted by a single molecule has been studied theoretically and experimentally. See related article.

Our work on ultrabright single-photon source on diamond with electrical pumping at room and high temperatures published in New Journal of Physics

Diamond-based light sources will lay a foundation for quantum communications of the future, MIPT Press Release (05.08.16)

Our work on planar directional antennas has been recently presented at CLEO:QELS 2016


Laboratory of Nano-Optics 
University of Siegen
Emmy-Nöther Campus (ENC), Building C, Room ENC-C113/1
Walter Flex Str. 3
57072 Siegen,Germany

Email: harvey@physik.uni-siegen.de
Telephone: +49 271 740 3565
Fax: +49 271 740 13565

Available: Mon-Thu 9:00-12:00

You may want to subscribe to our public mailing list nano-optics@listserv.uni-siegen.de to be informed about our current activities: https://listserv.uni-siegen.de/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/nano-optics

How to reach Emmy-Noether-Campus (ENC)

Siegen City Centre to Campus: From Siegen central train/bus station (ZOB) to campus you can take the bus C111, direction Fischbacherberg, to the stop Emmy-Noether-Campus. You must walk further uphill, keeping left. Once you have arrived at the campus buidling, please walk right through to building C, at the end of the parking lots. It is also possible to take a taxi from the train/bus station to campus.

See ENC’s location on Google Maps 

How to reach Siegen

Siegen by long distance bus: Please check the following companies: Eurolines, Flixbus

Siegen by train: Please check train connections to Siegen on Deutsche Bahn

Siegen by plane: The nearest airports are Cologne Bonn, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf

Have a safe journey.