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Post-Doc position in Nano-Sensing. Application deadline March 8. Please find more details in the call.

Our new PhD student Haritha received a PhD Fellowship from the House of Young Talents. Congratulations! 

High-quality plasmonic nanocones having tips with single-digit radius of curvature can be reproducibly fabricated. See related article. 

A flat optical nanoantenna capable of beaming light emitted by a single molecule has been studied theoretically and experimentally. See related article.

Our work on ultrabright single-photon source on diamond with electrical pumping at room and high temperatures published in New Journal of Physics

Diamond-based light sources will lay a foundation for quantum communications of the future, MIPT Press Release (05.08.16)

Our work on planar directional antennas has been recently presented at CLEO:QELS 2016


Time-resolved nonlinear spectroscopy
Where: University of Siegen, ENC Campus, Room ENC C-007
When: Mon, Wed, Thu, 6-16 June 2016,16:30 to 18:30
Teacher: Elena Ragnoni
Prerequisites: linear spectroscopy, Schrödinger equation, Born-Oppenheimer approximation, electronic and vibrational molecular levels
Contents: natural linewidth and broadening effects on linear spectra: the dephasing; wavefuction of a damped harmonic oscillator; the correlation function; density matrix operator; linear and non-linear response of a two-level system, examples of time-resolved non-linear experiments
3 Creditpoints

lecture 1, lecture 2, lecture 3, lecture 4, lecture 5, lecture 6 


Optical properties of quantum emitters in the solid state
Where: University of Siegen, ENC Campus, Room ENC C-007
When: Mon, Wed, Thu, 20-30 June 2016 ,16:30 to 18:30
Teacher: Assegid Flatae
Prerequisites: basic knowledge of solid-state physics, semiconductor physics, and quantum optics
Contents: optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures, dyes and color centers in diamond; free and bound carriers, excitons, plasmons and phonons, and their influence on optical spectra of quantum emitters; fabrication and optical characterization of quantum emitters and their application in optics and photonics
3 Creditpoints